Manager Message

  The above motto was made true by a rewound socialist & telentd Late Sh. Heeralal Yadav Ji whose dreams were came into existence through his noble sons Sh. Shyam Kishor Yadav Ji (Ex. M.L.A.) & Sh. Ram Singh Yadav Ji () Advocate) in 1996 by laying foundation of Heeralal Yadav Balika Inter College in Gauri, sarojini Nagar Lucknow on 12-02-1996. With the Beginning of High School Classes recognized by U.P. Board Allahabad.

Later in the year 2001 they again motivated by his father & started Heeralal Yadav Balika Degree College, with faculty of Arts in 07 (seven) subjects. Which in the course of time now is running with 09 subjects. Heeralal Yadav Balika Degree College is now Heeralal Yadav Balika P.G. College. Which is running all four faculties in the same campus. Faculty of Arts: with P.G. in four subjects Hindi, Home Science, Socioloy & Education. Faculty of Teacher Education with B.Ed. Since 2004-05. Faculty of of Commerce with B.Com, (Hons). , B.B.A. since 2010. Faculty of science with B.Sc. (Z.B.C./ P.C.M.) from 2014-15.

Management of the College thought about establishing an institution of legal education in 2005 which was actully a demanding course of the vicinity. The only institution of legal education in the 25 Km. circle of Sarojini Nagar i,e, Heeralal Yadav Law College, LL.B. (three years) was started in 2005 & since then it is giving excellent results in successing years our 07 batches of LL.B. (three years) have passed & are engaged in different sectors of social life and serving in India & abroad.

        College is not only providing best quality Education to the Students but also imparting special guidance to competition like I.A.S., P.C.S., P.C.S. (J) & other civil services examinations.

We believe that our Law College  is trying its best to achive the ultimate gool of humanity so in the words of KAMAYANI says.